REVIEW: Man Get Out @ Mojo 20/06/11

Back Berry Street late on a Monday night is not quite where you would expect a buzz of musical anticipation. But, that’s what greeted Rich Denton on his arrival at Mojo for a gig from local up and coming band Man Get Out

These boys are going places and that starts this Wednesday (22/06) as armed with the tried and tested they will also take some new material down to London to support 70’s Liverpool cult heroes Deaf School at Monto Water Rats before joining Janice Long for a live session on her BBC Radio 2 show the following day.

Tonight’s free gig was put together as a celebration of the forthcoming trip to the big smoke and the productive climax of a recent studio session that has spawned three singles which will be released in close proximity later in the year. These new songs featured in tonight’s 10 song set and showed how much the band’s writing has developed in the past twelve months.

Favourites such as opener ‘Geronimo’ and the bond theme in waiting ‘Manx Cat’ ensured the crowd were happy and considering it was a wet Monday in June slap bang in the middle of the student vacuum there was some healthy support. This was picked up by lead singer Lloyd who commented on the ‘hardcore’ support

They’re not scared of changing the tempo mid song either throwing in reggae or funk when you least expect it. It’s not disjointed in any way and it cleverly keeps you interested, on your toes and entertained.

Don’t forget to check out the Janice Long session this Thursday and look out for a special city centre gig for the boys at the end of the summer. Watch this space


Manx Cat
Ring Ring
Getting Up
Lord Byron
What’s She Sayin?
Down and Out

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