REVIEW: Mayday Parade, Liverpool O2 Academy, 02/02/2014

Florida rockers Mayday Parade burst onto Liverpool’s O2 Academy stage recently with their angst ridden US punk show. They have been on the road promoting their latest album ‘Monsters In The Closet’ which was released last year. Our reviewer Michelle Bates was there…

I did what I intended and “got down with the kids” tonight. I had a lemonade or two in an attempt to forget that I may be the oldest person in the audience. I had done a background check on this five piece pop punk combo from Tallahassee and their sound is similar My Chemical Romance, and we know the age range of their fans. Turns out I was right the audience were very young and the sound was angst ridden.

The band’s lead singer Derek Sanders thanks the audience for coming and said” it’s been eight years since we last visited the UK and we’re so happy to have sold out tonight”.

Derek Sanders 2

Derek shouts, “Right on chill, I am gonna play a song on the keyboard”. I find out from a couple standing on the bench behind me who are singing along with the rest of the audience, that the song was called “Miserable At Best” and was written in 2007. I wonder how old they were when it was written?

A group of girls in front of me, wearing fishtail parkas and ripped tights looking the epitome of post-apocalyptic punk, they had tried to hold a cool stance but were now rocking and singing. Even my plus one and I were tapping our tootsies!

Mayday Parade bass

They performed a belter with “Stay”. I would have been bouncing around the floor myself if this had been played in my younger years. “Hold On To Me” was also amazing then Derek introduces the band before playing “Three Cheers For Five Years” and “Jersey”.

Mayday Parade guitar

It was all over, well that’s what I thought! The band though had come off stage and were chatting to their fans, I was impressed! A great night was had by all even the oldies, moi and my plus one had to agree they were definitely worth a watch.


WORDS BY: Michelle Bates
PHOTOS BY: Ellie Gillard

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