REVIEW: Michelangelo’s Restaurant, Aigburth Drive

Tucked away in a corner of Aigburth Drive overlooking the picturesque Sefton Park Lake stands the beautiful Blenheim Lakeside Hotel. Within these archaic walls sits the contemporary Michelangelo’s Restaurant. An intimate seating of 26, every detail from the soft lighting to the Italian artwork and photos adorning the walls was taken care of and added to the ambience. Laura Allen reviews…

Despite the infamous Italian name, Michelangelo’s boasts a selection of Italian, modern European and classic British dishes (and some cheeky Chinese nibbles) so every palette is taken care of.

However, does too much choice stretch the Chef’s skills? You may think so, but actually I was thoroughly impressed. To start, my friend and I shared one of the platters. Filled with an array of appetisers from Italian meats and bruschetta to king prawns, dim sum and spring rolls our starter was a beautiful clash of colours and mouth-watering flavours.

My particular favourites were the homemade meatballs in a spicy, chilli-infused sauce. The way the meat crumbled in your mouth and mixed with the spices, you could tell they were fresh and the Chef had taken care to prepare them. If I had to criticise anything (and I’m only nit-picking) it would be that we weren’t told just how big of a dish it was and struggled to finish as much as we did – but we gave it a good go!


Next we moved onto the main course. Whilst I chose one of the Chef’s specials, a delightful sausage and mash combination, my friend opted for a traditional British burger with an Italian twist (pesto).

With three sausages, each one a different fusion of flavours, and a choice of mash (I chose the Corcoran) I was more than happy with my choice. I didn’t manage to catch what my friend was saying, if anything, between mouthfuls, but judging from the “mmm”s and the clean plate I think it’s safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed hers too.

In between courses the staff checked how we were for drinks and if everything was ok with our food and to my surprise the Head Chef, Wayne Janisch, came out to meet us – twice! A lovely gesture that both my friend and I appreciated.

Too full for a dessert each we shared the chocolate mousse, which I would certainly recommend. As with all the courses, the presentation was immaculate and rivalled the artwork on the walls, but the dessert was something else. Three small oval-shaped towers sat in perfect formation, drizzled with chocolate sauce and smattered with a few blackberries. From dark to milk to white and back again, the mousse was light and fluffy and the perfect way to end our meal.


My highlights of the evening were the lovely staff who were knowledgeable about the menu and extremely attentive. The Head Chef – both his cooking and presentation skills. I loved the choice the menu gave us and although I didn’t try a dish from the extensive Grill menu it’s just an excuse to go back!

Finally, our surroundings were perfect; views of the lake, soft relaxing music, lighting and the artwork – although the joggers running around Sefton Park did make me feel slightly guilty for my three course indulgence!


WORDS BY: Laura Allen


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