REVIEW: Monkey Nuts @ Write Now Festival, Actors Studio 15/04/11


Tickets are now on sale for Liverpool’s Write Now festival. There are eight varied and different productions that will be taking to the stage of The Actors Studio over the next 7 days, from comedy to drama and the child friendly to the adult orientated. Saira Kewley went along to see comedy Monkey Nuts

Monkey Nuts, written by Natalie Hickman and directed by Russell Tennent, is a story about an old woman called Bobbi (Yvonne Pinnington), who is totally happy living in her own filth and having her children take care of her house and pay her bills for her.

Bobbi is not too pleased or very helpful when her daughter (Lesley Hendry) and granddaughter (Jolene Howorth) are trying to tidy her house for her. The one time that she does move from her armchair is to go and identify the mess that her daughter has found festering at the bottom of her fridge!

The set is kept simple set out as a small living room, there’s just enough stuff in there for one person, one chair, small table etc. The costumes let you tell straight away who is who; Bobbi with her old tweed skirt, Mum with her office wear and the emo chic granddaughter . The only major set change is the lighting when Bobbi finally allows her curtains to be opened. She says she doesn’t see the need to do it anymore as she is there alone.

This comedy is about ‘growing older and growing up’ and how times change. Bobbi likes to tell her granddaughter stories about what she’s been up to. She tells her she was out shopping and thinks a lady robbed her because she looked at her and smiled, a gypsy lady, “how did you know she was a gypsy?” asks her granddaughter, “was she serenading you with her tambourine down the crisp isle?” 

The International One Act Play Festival runs from 15th to 23rd April, there is some amazing new talent on show here, book your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

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