REVIEW: Paper Aeroplanes, The Shipping Forecast 14/11/2012

High flying folk duo Paper Aeroplanes played at The Shipping Forecast on Wednesday (16 November) with support from Mikey Kenney from Ottersgear and local favourites Hey Carrianne. The headliners are currently touring the UK to promote their new EP Time To Be. The atmosphere was mellow, the lyrics told a story and the music was simple. Our reviewer Nicola Denton went along…

The rustic décor and low lighting in The Shipping Forecast’s basement provided the perfect setting for tonight’s gig. First up was Mikey Kenney who normally performs with his band Ottersgear but tonight he held his own as a solo act. He is a very talented musician, particularly on guitar, as he picked his way through an eclectic set of folk, Irish and Bluegrass songs. Even when his string snapped halfway through a song he soldiered on and delivered a great performance. He played tracks including ‘Where Ottersgear Lies’ and ‘Walking With You’, but his faster paced songs such as ‘Down By The Faery Glen’ had everyone’s feet tapping.

Next up was 3 piece act Hey Carrianne starting off their set with ‘Not Tonight’, a powerful song which actually gave me goosebumps during the catchy chorus. They went on to perform ‘Run Rabbit Run’ and ‘Someone Else’s Boat’ as well as a batch of new (and very good) tracks. In between songs they had funny chats with the audience, front woman Carrianne Hayden even asked their bassist to do an “inspirational dance” to fill time. He obliged and made everyone laugh! They are definitely ones to watch…and my new favourite local band.

Paper Aero 6

Then it was time for the headline act, lead vocalist Sarah Howells greeted the audience with a shy “hello” and they kicked off with the title track of the new EP ‘Time To Be’. They performed a variety of tracks from previous EPs, ballads such as ‘Same Mistakes’ and ‘Save It’ were followed by more upbeat songs like ‘Cliché’ and ‘We Are Ghosts’. But Sarah joked “we don’t do happy songs, just faster sad songs”. But Paper Aeroplanes are not a “depressing” band at all, their songs tell stories and are sang from the heart with an easy listening acoustic sound. Sarah’s quirkiness and Richard’s cheeky humour charmed the audience when they chatted in between songs. Whilst tuning their guitars Sarah randomly asked “anybody recommend any good iPhone apps?”.

The track that stood out the most was the very emotional ‘Winter Never Comes’ in which Sarah put down her guitar to sing it simply. They were originally going to finish on ‘My First Love’ but the audience wanted more shouting out requests. So they performed three old favourites: ‘Circus’, ‘Orange Lights’ and ‘Freewheel’. I was rather surprised they did not perform their latest single ‘Multiple Love’, but that did not spoil the evening for me or the crowd.

Paper Aero 4

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