REVIEW: Peter Pan, Floral Pavilion 15/12/12

THE Floral Pavilion in New Brighton is playing host to Peter Pan the pantomime throughout December, running up to 6th January. It stars a few well known faces, Jack McMullen (Finn from Waterloo Road) as Peter Pan, Gary Turner (Carlos from Emmerdale) as Captain Hook, and Derek Moran (from kids TV Milkshake) as Smee. Our very own Rachel Donohoe went along with her family.

Last night I went with my mum, younger brother (age 13) and sister (age 8). Having not been to a Panto since the 80s I was expecting it to be more fun for the kids but I must admit we all absolutely loved it! I think my mum and I actually put the kids to shame with our enthusiasm for audience participation for Smee’s rendition of Gangnam Style at the end…ride the horsey dance, we did indeed – pirate style.

Jack McMullen played an excellent scouse Peter Pan breaking into One Direction songs effortlessly with his Darling Wendy and flying frequently throughout the show. Smee and the pirate crew showed off some amazing acrobatics and great dance moves as did Rebecca Marks as Tiger Lily and the Indians. The mermaids looked amazing and received a few wolf whistles from the dads. Lucy Johnson looked the part as the blonde Tinkerbell with ringlets she stayed on roller-skates all night and beautifully sang Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts when her wings were cruelly cut off by Captain Hook.

The little Lost Boys were really cute and they performed very well. But all in all, Gary Turner as Captain Hook was my favourite. Coming out to an X Factor style intro with fire blazing, his witty aside comments to the audience whilst staying fully in baddie character at all times, mixing jokes for the kids and grown ups kept us all laughing.

The ever changing set was really high quality and moves between scenes were seamless from home to Neverland to the Jolly Roger and Peter’s hideout.

The Floral Pavilion is a modern theatre, the seats and rows were comfortable and it has lots of amenities although drinks and snacks are quite pricey (Liverpool Live tip – take your own).

Peter Pan is a definite must see for the family this Christmas.


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