REVIEW: Scottie Road The Musical, Unity Theatre, 11th Jan 2014

Scottie Road The Musical
is the story of Caz and Britney and their musical misadventure from Primark to prison. The show written by the leading ladies themselves (Keddy Sutton and Gillian Hardie) launched at the Unity Theatre. Our reviewer Tanith Facey donned her curlers and UGG Boots to see the show…

Having had a glimpse at what Caz and Britney could do at last year’s Vogue Ball in Liverpool, I was very keen to see what this comical pair could achieve in their own theatre production. Written and performed by Keddy and Gillian, this was going to be their ultimate showcase and I have to admit, my expectations were quite high.

The intimate venue didn’t give the girls any room for error as we were up close and personal. You can quite often get lost amongst cast and staging in a larger production but not today. Bear in mind that on stage there are only two chairs and a screen for backdrop.

So what’s the story? Two perfectly stereo-typed Scouse girls with curlers in their hair throughout the whole show, wearing UGG boots and leggings and at one point prison issue onsies! They tell their story through a mixture of song and theatre of how a fight that broke out in Primark, resulted in their doing time in the local women’s prison. They entertained us with how they cope with life behind bars and how eventually they plan their escape.

From the moment they stepped on stage the audience were giggling. You can see how well they work together and how well rehearsed they were because their comedy timing was spot on. I loved how they involved the audience, which is quite a big risk in a show like this, but not only did they do it well, the curve balls that they threw (you never know how an audience member is going to respond) demonstrated how witty and skillful they can be. They cleverly put their own comical lyrics to Broadway Show songs and both of their singing voices really are fabulous.

So if you are into comical Scousisms, Broadway show melodies, a bit of audience participation and some very down to earth Liverpool humour, this production is for you. The duo need commending on bringing a simple story to life in the way they did, well written and well executed. I couldn’t help but imagine grander scenery for each of the storyline venues they were trying to depict and a chorus line of girls in curlers behind them when they were dancing and belting out their songs. I hope someone spots how talented they both are and gives them an opportunity to bring their show to an even bigger stage.

Well done Keddy and Gillian! Overall a good night of entertainment and giggles!


WORDS BY: Tanith Facey

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