REVIEW: Steven Fellowes exhibition @ Clayton Square 10/09/11

Saturday 10th September The Gallery in Liverpool’s Clayton Square was host to an exhibition from local artist Steven Fellowes accompianied with sounds from some of the city’s finest musical talent. Saira Kewley reports

The collection of Fellowes’ craft ranged from paintings to pencil drawings of musicians and thespians the world over. One of my favourites was the John Lennon painting which can be seen with this review. The way that Steven has captured John in this painting along with the bright colours used, to me, just looks amazing.

There was music on the day from acoustic acts such as Aaron and Maddy, Sense of Sound’s Perri Alleyne-Hughes, the awesome Neil Campbell who has been dubbed one the best guitarists in the UK and Mike Neary who in his own right is an acclaimed musician, director and interviewer.

The event went really well and all that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves from the invited to the people passing by who came in to have a look at what was going on, from the older people to the young who seemed to drop into a trance when Neil started playing, its was beautiful and a real treat for the ears.

Steven also donated one of his pieces to The Gallery, it was a pencil drawing of Elvis Presley. This picture looked slightly different to the rest of the collection with gaps in the piece which make it look more defined and help it stand out.

Don’t worry if you did miss this event, Steven’s work can still be found at The Gallery from this Wednesday, so do go down and take a look and show your support for this super talented home grown artist.



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