REVIEW: Submotion Orchestra, The Kazimier, 12 Nov 2013

The Kazimier
was alive and kicking again hosting two more acts from the alternative side of the tracks. Our reviewer Shaun McCoy went along to immerse himself in the splendour of Submotion Orchestra, with support from one of the country’s prominent remix-DJs – GhostChant.

Opening act GhostChant laid on a set of remix tracks from his current EP Laid To Rest. The performance was layered with tracks placed over one another to create soundscapes of synth-psychedelia, techno-garage with added male and female vocal tracks that are both soulful and hauntingly stirring.

The last track Reason was very laid back featuring a live male vocalist and trumpet soloist which added extra weight to the electronic backdrop. It added a subtler chilled out mood to bring a good set to a close.

Submotion Orchestra returned to perform tracks off their new EP 1968. It follows on from their previous fine works encompassing jazz, dub-step, soul and ambient music, and the beautifully siren-esque vocal of Ruby Wood.

What I liked about Submotion Orchestra was their ability to fuse together brilliant music and vocals to produce music that is either euphorically high energy or beautifully melancholically cool and laid back.

I feel that they are carrying on the torch from the likes of Portishead and St Etienne who had a similar ethos – mixing together different styles of music with a lead female vocal.

It’s Not Me, It’s You has a great techno-dance sound that emanates the vibe of Ibiza – beautiful lead vocal mixed with uplifting electro effects and Latino percussion. The new EP’s title track demonstrates their lighter side – snippets of Chet Baker style trumpet, melancholic keys and vocals which give off a very cool/sexy vibe.

Submotion Orchestra produce a high calibre of music which has had support from music luminaries such as Gilles Peterson.

WORDS BY: Shaun McCoy

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