REVIEW: The Fifth Movement (formally KCO) @ Masque 21/11/10

It was a big night of local music down at the Masque as folk rockers the Kevin Critchley Outfit transformed into new band The Fifth Movement right before our very eyes. Liverpool Live’s Jeff Vader reviews

A pleasant evening in Liverpool as I stroll up Bold Street towards tonight’s destination. I walk past Forbidden Planet smirking to myself of lunchtimes wasted browsing that store and its superb geekiness. And not just wasted as in misspent time! Turn right past FACT a little further and I’m at the Masque. It’s been a while since I’d been here…. or had it?

I have a flashback! I remember seeing Electric Six play here at Christmas time, a while ago in the past. I can’t be sure of exact dates as I don’t really work like that. I also remember seeing Electric Six three times that next year, including Glastonbury. Although, as a seasoned Glastonbury veteran, my Pilton farm jaunts have all merged into one long continuous SuperGlasto. Whilst there, there has been many a discussion on who played when and what year, with people chipping in from other tents with their suggestions. No one remembers!

Oh yeah the gig.. Well first up tonight were Deafen the Creatures a new up and coming band. They certainly warmed up the expectant crowd with their combination of acoustic guitars, piano and electronic beats, with warm crafted vocal harmonies and melodies. Their EP is available to listen to now on their facebook page

Pleased, I went to the bar and who should I meet but one of Liverpool-Lives’ photographers who I’d last seen at the Williamson Tunnels gig a few months back. Apparently he’d interviewed KCO a few weeks ago. I’d not seen it, too busy trying to remember what year the Flaming Lips played  Glastonbury (and was it the same year as the Polyphonic Spree?) to be bothered by YouTube. I mean it’s all cute babies and cats now anyway isn’t it!

I hear some music so venture back into the main hall for Shy and the Fight. Not sure who was Shy and who the Fight was, but there was certainly a big man in a woolly hat. Shy and the Fight are a 7 piece alternative folk/pop outfit loosely hanging on that Fleet Foxes type sound that all the “serious” bands are playing. Although familiar sounding they were excellently suited for this type of evening of acoustic experimentation. Listen to Shy and the Fight on their facebook page


The final support act of the evening were Bird. A 5-piece from Liverpool whose dark atmospheric folk reverberated around the venue, lightened by their stunning lead singer with her fairy light adorned microphone stand.  They treated us to darker melodies, with a particularly excellent song called ‘Phantoms’. Haunting and pounding with an instantly catchy vocal melody and a nice hand clappy ending. Very impressive. You can listen to ‘Phantoms’ and more on their facebook page

The support acts alone were amazing. First time I can remember at a local gig when all the support acts had been brilliant and I still had The Kevin Critchley Outfit to see with their extended string section and choir!

This gig was a launch party for The Kevin Critchley Outfit, who were officially changing the name of the band and releasing a new EP in the same name. They were to start the gig as KCO and end as The Fifth Movement. Also their new EP – This Brewing Storm was available for purchase along with their previous album Scars.

KCO began with a haunting instrumental intro backed by the Sense of Sound singers that beckoned the crowd forward. The gig was awash with energy and excitement as all members of the Outfit gave their all throughout the gig.

This band are something special. I’ve not seen this type of thing from an unsigned band before and they pulled it off is if they always have a 6 piece string section and 8 strong choir joining them on stage. They played two songs from their new EP ‘Stop the Chaos’ and ‘C-Song’. The former put me in mind of a Bond scene, with Latin guitar sounds and sweeping string sections. Epic film music!

What a quality band, what a quality night in fact. Four great bands each with they’re own sound that blended excellently.You can find out more about The Fifth Movement at their facebook page

I head home for the last train with ‘Stop the Chaos’ by The Fifth Movement and ‘Phantoms’ by Bird swirling around my head.

Wondering when I’ll be let out again, or should I make a run for it… the wardens know I’m in Liverpool but it’s a big place. Mawgh haha.


Words: Jeff Vader
Pictures: Jamie McAleny (digitalplantpot)


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