REVIEW: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fazakerley, Royal Court, 28th Nov 2013

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fazakerley
is a hilarious new show which makes for a perfect Christmas night out at Liverpool’s gem, the Royal Court. It is writer Fred Lawless’ fifth consecutive year and he’s produced a feel good, laugh out loud, scousetastic festive treat and if you go along do opt for the chicken Christmas dinner complete with pigs in blankets and cranberry gravy before the show (it was delicious!). Rachel Donohoe reviews…

The show begins in Outer Space with a spoof on Star Wars, and we make our way to Venus and Fazakerley flitting between all three throughout the play. The plot begins with alien women from Venus landing in Fazakerley, full of “offies, chippies and sunbeds”, to find a space travelling granddad (who turns out to be Ricky Tomlinson by video link!) who’s recently died. So they decide that younger-model grandson Billy played by Jack Rigby will do even better. But hilarious comedy duo, mum and dad Sandra and Marty (Lynn Francis and Michael Starke), and puppet Sputnik the dog are hot on their tails.

The voluptuous Venetians are led by Thong (Lindzi Germain) who belts out songs like a proper diva throughout the show. Her frequent spats with Michael Starke are brilliant.

Love is also in the air between Billy and Venus girl Thing (Angela Simms) who sang some brilliant duets. Billy also performs a bit of a strip tease spoofing the infamous Diet Coke laundry ad and ladies you’ve been warned it will make you a little hot under the collar!

The Space Girls played by Charlotte Dalton, Stephanie Miles and Emily Trebicki add some Spice Girls style glamour with some great dances, backing vocals and comic timing.

Much also has to be said for musical director, Howard Grey. At the end we were singing along and wanting to dance…although several bottles of Pinot Grigio had been consumed by then the music was indeed splendid.

Michael Starke had us in hysterics so much so we were asked in the interval if we were related to him by the guy next to us.

Overall it was thoroughly enjoyable, haven’t belly laughed so much in a good while!


WORDS BY: Rachel Donohoe

PHOTO BY: Dave Evans


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