REVIEW: The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church – Daniel Kitson @ Everyman 02/02/11

When my five year old asked who I was going to see tonight ‘well, a man on the stage who tells jokes’ I replied. Daniel Kitson is however so much more than a one line merchant.  A fond favourite of the Everyman and Playhouse regulars, tonight’s near sell out audience were treated once more to the most wonderful intricate storytelling from the Yorkshireman.

After making one of the most understated entrances in theatre history, Kitson explained that he felt a bit wobbly following his car journey up from London and subsequent lack of nourishment. But, after a couple of bananas and a crème caramel he should be alright.

The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church is a somewhat obsessive tale that begins with Kitson discovering a stash of over 30,000 letters in a loft while on a house hunting trip. This leads to a further discovery that at the very start of this near 30 year history of correspondence were a number of suicide notes. So what is it that prevented this man from doing the deed? Kitson humorously dismantles the trail of letters and characters which eventually lead to Gregory’s demise.

As with all good story tellers Kitson has the ability to whisk you away to a place where you’re not sure if this really happened or not. From the start he told us that most of what we were to hear was made up but “this first part is true”. The genius part was that he never told us where that first part ended and the tale began, the join was seamless. 

There are delights throughout the tale; none more so than the relationships struck up with a boy bullied at the local bus stop, a frustrated clerk from the bank and the journalist from the local paper whose constant exchange of banter offers the real laugh out loud moments.

It was a surprise perhaps that we reached the end of this tale at all as Kitson’s wobbly state worsened, but like a true professional he continued and endeared himself to the Liverpool audience once more

Reviewer: Rich Denton

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