REVIEW: This Feeling at The Magnet 05/05/12

London’s indie club night This Feeling came to Liverpool this bank holiday weekend bringing with it an eclectic mix of what’s hot and who’s who in new music. This Feeling is hailed by infamous and respected Noel’s – Gallagher and Fielding who have given it their seal of approval. Rachel Donohoe went along..

Starting the night upstairs in The Magnet I steered away from the red wine as advised by the bar staff and stuck to Peroni’s. I suppose beer goes more hand in hand with live music anyway.

Heading down the well trodden steps into The Magnet’s basement or musical core as I like to think of it, the stage was all set up for Mike Murphy’s acoustic set for The Wicked Whispers. With his mod get up and Beatles haircut Mike took to the stage and delivered a good warm up but the crowd seemed a little disengaged although he did win them over towards the end of his set proving that he was more than just background music.

Born Blonde declared that this was their first gig in Liverpool. They won me over with the first guitar riff. They were definitely my favourite act of the night. They owned the stage and played an intense set, with the red and blue lights powering up the back leaving a silhouette of lead singer Arthur Deleany like some modern day Ian Curtis. Vocally their love for the Verve mixed with a touch of the Charlatans is clear.

We briefly caught The Sundowners pre-show warming up. With family members from the Coral and Miles Kane looking proudly on they played well with a gracious nostalgic nod to Fleetwood Mac.. Looking like they could have just stepped out of the 60s with their long hair, flares and fringed jackets (I hearted that suede fringed cow girl-esque jacket).

The four-piece Janice Graham Band from Manchester brought a mix of reggae beats mixed with a hip hop tone over funk and garage. They were the most distinctive of the night playing a real energetic set. Hailed by Mani from Primal Scream this band has a lot of potential.

I must admit I was a little disappointed that The Coral themselves were not playing live but man of the keys Nick Power delivered a fantastic DJ set with greats from Oasis, Kasabian, The Strokes and of course The Coral.

This Feeling is touring the UK for more info visit

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