SHOUT: 5 Must See Scousers at Glastonbury 2014

It’s going to be Scousers on tour this year at Glastonbury as the city’s music fans head down to the biggest festival of the year. As the Liverpudlian talent gets showcased on the many stages this weekend, Liverpool Live’s Ashley Manning picks out the top 5 must see local acts down on Worthy Farm!

First up is the Mixnots who will be playing a staggering 11 hour silent disco set. Famed for their originality in their approach to remixing, they’re now a well-known act in the North West. They have no set genre but aim merely to get everyone up and bouncing around. Throwing disco, dance and hip-hop into the mix, you’re guaranteed to hear an old classic which you completely forgot you knew all the words to and all of a sudden, you and all your tone-deaf mates are singing ridiculously loud to it. You’ll find these guys at Heds party in Sonic at 8pm on Thursday


Next is All We Are. Formed whilst still studying at LIPA back in 2011, adopted Scousers Norwegian Guro Gikling, Irishman Richard O’Flynn and Brazilian Luis Santos are gradually making a name for themselves having been signed to Domino offshoot Double Six earlier this year. The trio has described themselves as ‘the Bee Gees on diazepam’ which sums up their pleasantly drowsy songs with a soft 70’s disco vibe over the top. They will be perfect to dose off to on the grass in the sun, or to gently sway to, or to gently gyrate to… get up early for this one they will be Friday’s opening act on the Park Stage at 11:30


The Saturday will see one of the long-list acts for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition from last year, Circa Waves. Although they got no further in the competition, they’ve gone on to become a critically acclaimed new act in many music circles. Their sound is quite similar to the Libertines, the Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend…if that mix is socially acceptable?? Regardless we love them in the Liverpool Live office. They will be performing on the Other Stage at 12:30 which is a fantastic opportunity for a band on an upward curve.


An exciting act to come out of Liverpool most recently is Lapsley who will be performing on the BBC Introducing stage at 2:15pm. The vocals on some of Lapsley’s tracks are stunning and they have a lovely mellow beat to them. She debuted in Liverpool a couple of months back with her electronic sounds causing quite a stir, even picking up a GIT award newcomer gong on the way. Although not as well-known as the other Scousers on this list, she’s definitely an act worth venturing over to.


The final North West act to grace the stages of Glastonbury is the one and only Greg Wilson. Having started his career some time back in the 70’s before taking a near 20 year sabbatical, he is now back touring. He is a maverick on the dance music scene having done remixed the likes of The XX, Talking Heads and Missy Elliot. With years of experience behind him, his set will be faultless. You can catch him 3 times on Friday; morning, evening and night at The Beat Hotel, The Stonebridge Tent and Genosys respectively.

IMAGE: Jamie McAleny

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