THRESHOLD 2014: Barney Soanes

Threshold festival – Liverpool’s very own cornucopia of artistic delights is fast approaching. As always Liverpool Live and LLTV will be in and amongst the action as it happens and bringing you extensive coverage of the 3 day event. To help get you in the mood our newest blogger Katy James is picking out the artists that have caught her ear and eye on this year’s line-up. First up.. Barney Soanes

Now I’m by no means an ‘expert’ when it comes to music, but I like a wide range of genres and I like to believe I have good taste and a good ear for a decent tune. After listening to some of the artists that will be performing at the upcoming Threshold Festival, it seems like the ideal place for fellow music lovers to embrace some new sounds, regardless of your musical preference. ‘Impressive’ is a fitting word to describe my thoughts about the artists I’ve listened to.

The majority of the artists performing are from Liverpool or surrounding areas and it’s brilliant to see how much talent the area has to offer. I’ve spent this week trying to sound out who I really want to see live, with great difficulty as there are so many gifted acts lined up for 2014


However, I do feel the need to express the new love I have for the sound of Barney Soanes and The Barney Soanes Band. If you like folk music then I’m confident that you will not be disappointed. If their upbeat, country style doesn’t make you involuntarily tap your toes or shake a leg, it’s hard to think of something that will. Barney’s authentically ‘folksy’ music just oozes charm and charisma, making him immediately likeable and easy to listen to, and I imagine that the live performance will create a colourful and spirited atmosphere. I’m rooting for this act to really impress and I’m sure the performance will go down a treat with the audience (which I will be part of). I’m excited to see what Barney and his band have to offer!

Catch Barney Soanes at Siren on Sunday 30th March – buy tickets for the festival HERE

I urge anyone with a passion for music, whatever genre or style, to buy a ticket and support the fresh talent, especially since there’s a lot of local talent who are undoubtedly fantastic.

That’s all for now, but watch this space for a more information on another Threshold performer very soon!


Cheers, Katy

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