Threshold Festival ready for weekend of Arts and Music

Threshold is Liverpool’s newest grassroots festival, an annual event boasting over 200 live acts from the worlds of music, dance, theatre, art and photography – and much MUCH more – under one roof.  The full schedule of this mammoth event has now been released

Spontaneous, innovative and independent, for three days in February Threshold will transform Liverpool’s CUC into a hive of arty, musical goodies; bands, dancers, exhibitions, flashmobs, photography, galleries and games, by a feast of performers and artists who’re the best of the North West. Watch, listen – learn. Get involved. Step over the Threshold…

Threshold is a partnership between promoters Under the Influence and the Liverpool CUC and this means it’s a festival with a conscience. Every penny you spend when you come to Threshold – every pie and pint, sandwich and snack you consume – goes straight back into helping those with greater needs and fewer chances. Profits from ticket sales are reinvested into next year’s festival.

Advance tickets cost £5 a day, or you can enjoy the whole weekend’s events for a tenner. Click here to buy yours now 

Here’s the FULL listings of the mammoth schedule in all its glory!



The Crypt 
Antipop Records
18.00  Jessica West
18.30  The Harks
19.15  The Envy
20.00  Sick  Circus
20.45  The Wasters
21.30  The Temps
23.00  Antipop Djs

17.00 Jazz Ensembles
18.00 Puppet Pool Bouncers


Studio Theatre
Eclectic Collective
18.15 Jaded
19.00 Gray Torino
19.30 Fieldhouse
20.00 Gray Torino
20.15 Invisible Wires
20.45 Gray Torino
21.00 Master of The Radio
21.30 Gray Torino
21.45 The Esoteric Gender
22.15 Gray Torino
23.30 sneakBeats

In partnership with Mellowtone and See the Sound
Hosted by George Sephton ‘The Voice of Anfield’
feat Live Art All Evening from Stephen Ball
18.00 Richie Vegas
18.20 Richard O’Flynn
18.40 Richie Vegas
19.00 Kaya & Captain Temper
19.30 Richie Vegas 
19.45 Fabian Rothschilde
20.15 Richie Vegas
20.30 Rik Warren
21.00 Nitty Gritty DJs
21.20 Stealing Sheep
21.50 Nitty Gritty DJs
22.20 Kevin Crichley Outfit
22.50 Nitty Gritty DJs

Front Bar 
19.30 The Mighty Mojo
20.15 Butterfunk DJs: Jay Jay Da Funk / Disco Dick / Sean Martin / General Jimmy

Malaysian Restaurant
19.30 Nooks & Grannies

The Loft Gallery
The Roost feat Stuart Lanceley & Josephine Scales
Compered by Paul Bakstad
20.15 Bad Taste Barbies
20.30 Organ Freeman
21.00 Speed Pets
21.45 Statement Haircut
22.30 Lovecraft


Cellar Club
Talk To Frank Acoustic Stage
15.00  Gary McGinnis
15.25  Rachel Dunne 
15.50  Greedy Jesus
16.15  The Big I Am
16.40  Johnny Ryder
17.05  Greta Core
17.30  Carl McClymont
17.55  Avant Gardner
Talk to Frank Cellar Club
18.05  In By Ones
18.40  Johnny Ryder
19.10  The Rizing
19.45  Ze Clampets
20.20  Audio Asylum
20.55  Dave Jackson
21.30  The Lees
22.05  SpaceGod
22.40  The Frets

1200 Pillbox Vintage Fair
1930 Reflections of Projections by 2toned Theatre

Liverpool Acoustic
14.20  Mary McCombs
14.45  Terry Gray
15.10 Stephen Manley
15.25 Megan Thomas
15.50 James Munro
16.15 Stuart Todd
16.40  Jo Bywater
17.05 Joe Rhead
17.30 Tom George
17.55 Barry Briarcliffe

Venue 1 
23.30  Clandestino, World Music Night

Venue 2
13.00 Zumba

3rd Floor Gallery, Left
Waxxx and Discoteca Poca
23.15 Tea Street Band
00.15 Binary Toad
01.15 Shadow Cabinet
02.15 James Rand / Mr Paul / Revo
04.30 close

3rd Floor Gallery Right
Photographic Retrospective of the Masque Liverpool by Sakura
Debt Records
18.00 T.E. Yates
18.25 Richard Barry & The Chaps
18.50 Monkey Poet
19.15 Bridie Jackson
19.40 Al Baker & The Dole Queue
20.05 Becca & The Broken Biscuits
20.30 Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six
The Mash Parties presents ‘Sabotage’
hosted by MC SAS
22.00 Monkey
23.00 R&R feat Fluteman
23.30 Punning Clan
00.00 Mak & Rasp
00.30 Wrong Man
01.30 Rippem & Burnitov
02.30 Ye Junglist
03.30 Furness & Venom
04.30 close

Studio Theatre
16.15 Mind Over Matter
17.00 Dilemmas
17.45 OCD
18.30 The Vise
19.15 Hungry Ghost 
20.00 Inglorious 
20.45 Constructors Collective 
21.30 At Any Time
22.15 Crash Ambers Party
23.15 LimeHawk

CUC Choir Presents
13.00 CUC Choir – Creative Well Being
15.00 Masterclass with Jennifer John

(Jennifer John is one of the founder Artist Directors of Sense of Sound. She has an exceptional international career as a singer, songwriter and vocal lecturer. In addition, she is currently the manager of the highly acclaimed Sense of Sound Singers, the vocal ensemble that has collaborated with artists as varied as the legendary Brian Eno, pop imepressario Damon Albarn and Queen of quirky composition, Imogen Heap.  Her ability to inspire, motivate and development artistic performance has led to her current involvement in the creation of the Youth Music Voices Ensemble, a youth choir of 150 that will perform at next year’s Cultural Olympiad. Jennifer is also the lead singer with international group, Killerfernandez who are currently touring Europe.This 1.5 hour singing masterclass will explore vocal techniques, touch on improvisation skills and deal will issues of performance quality.)

17.00 Indigo Vibe
17.20 CUC Choir

The Chesterfield Chosen Ones
18.00 Charlotte Olivia
18.30 Hobo Sapphire
19.00 Caroline Ailin
19.30 Ogo
20.00 Ste Hedley
20.30 Stuart Anthony’s Long Lost Band
21.00 The Mono LPs
21.30 The Senorites
22.00  Moguls
22.30  Memoire
23.00 Kid Blast
00.00 close

13.00 Under the Industry Discussion Panel ‘The Monkey Grinders’ 
the Rise & Future of the DIY Record Label
Moderated by Jules Kalika Gordon – Rumjig
Panel Members:
Alec James Joyce – Antipop Records
Louis Barabbas – Debt Records
Francis McEntagart – McEntagart Legal

14.00 PPL Musician’s panel with Daniel Millington; how to make money from your music

17.00 Short Notice Film Screenings
Featuring looped submissions from: 
BossFilm, Renaissance, Serenity Pictures, Max Zadow, Violet City Teaser, ForgeMastersFilms, Reverse The Wave
00.00 close

Front Bar Fifth
The Dave Stage (Hosted by Dave O’Grady & Dave Alnick)
18.25 Dog Man Dave
18.50 Dave Evans
19.15 Dave Masson
19.40 David Glyn Jones

Strung Out
16.30 Rebecca Joy Sharp
17.00 Strange Brood
17.30 Tibi & Her Cello
18.00 Sah Real
18.30 Tj & Murphy
19.00 Joni Fuller

Culture Pool- Hosted by Mike Chapman   
19.05 Poetry by Amanda
19.20 Poetry by Tom George
19.35 Alex Hulme
20.00 Prose by Torstein Bjorklund
20.10 ‘Wings of the Dodo Bird’ performed by Cath Rice
20.40 Impropriety
21.15 Dan Ross & The Sinking Ship
21.45 David Hoyle

Loft Gallery
The Beast feat VJ Sculpture
20.00  Lucas Castro
21.00  Corinthians
21.30  Deaf Club
22.00  Ben Power
22.30  Red Night Cities
23.00  Ben Power
23.30  MinionTV
00.00  Si Tew

Secret Room 
15.00 “Elizabeth Willow & Rebecca Joy Sharp: ‘The Balled of Juniper Davy & Sonny Lumiere’ (with individual performances at 3.30 & 5.30)”
20.00 Secret Cinema


The Techno Bunker1400 Technocrats
1540  Ian Paterson
1640  Dash
1740  Mario Leal  & Guest Digitalique
1840  Captain Johnson
1940  Gareth Cheshire presents Body Plant 21
2040  Will Hollyoaks
2140  Cler Lever

Cellar Club
Parr Jazz
16.00  Parr Jazz & Guests
Free Rock & Roll 
20.30  The Flamin Mamies 
21.15  Jimmy Lightfoot & the Disciples 
21.50  Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies

13.30 Hope and Harmony
13.40 Liverpool Samba Carnival

Out of the Bedroom with Jonny Sands 
15.10 Johnny Sands
15.25 Lonesome Georginas
15.50 Callum McMoran
16.10 Greta core
16.25 Miles Carrington
16.50 Sarah Deboe & Mercy Elise
17.15  Seven Years Behind
17.40 Duncan Ewart
18.05 Mark Delaney
18.30 Johnny Sands

Venue 1
13.00  Entropy
14.30  Grimanga
15.30  Inglorious
16.30  Endeavours
15.00  Night Parade
17.30  Kevin Critchley Outfit with additional string section and female choir
19.20  Skanky Panky DJs
19.50  Punning Clan
20.20  Skanky Panky DJs
20.50  Future
21.20  Skanky Panky DJs
21.50  We The Undersigned
22.20  Kof
21.20  Elementals
00.00  close

Venue 2
The Leccy Side
14.00  The Vise
16.00  Dead Sounds 
17.00  Supercannes
18.00  Jo Bywater & Thee
19.20  Memoire
20.20 The Esoteric Gender 
21.20 Jsoul 
22.20  Bilgorai

Studio Theatre
13.00  Cast Physical Theatre
15.00  Trickster Theatre ‘Macbeth’ Preview 
16.30 Lodestar Theatre workshop with Simon Hedger
19.00  Storm Theatre ‘Living With Macbeth’

Bad Odd Bob’s Chest Rug Emporium17.00  Shakedown DJs
17.30 Robert Mulder
18.00  Bad Odd Bob’s One Man Sound Orchestra
18.50 Tibi & her Cello
19.25  Lost Soul
19.50  Callum McMorran
20.15 Danny Pape
20.40  Delta Maid
21.05  The South Bound Attic Band
21.40  Loose Moose String Band
22.15  Jessicas Ghost
00.00 close

15.00 Private-Public Screening of ‘An Island’ by Vincent Moon & Efterklang
17.00 Iceland: Beyond Sigur Ros by Serious Feather
Exclusive Q&A with Director Brett Gregory
19.30 KINO Screening (The movie shot and edited on the premises during Threshold Festival)

Front Bar
Craft Creative / Tail Rail / Open Minds
13.00 DJ General Jimmy

13.00  Can Cook
Malayed Back
16.20 Danny Taylor
16.40  Dave Alnick
17.20   Wind In The Willows
18.30   Suitcase Emsemble
Kabarett Babel
Francis Tucker
Gerry Potter
Obscure Ivresse
Boxcar Children
Greta and Maev
Richard Kelly
The Rubbish Shakespeare Company 
11.00 close

Loft Gallery
Lazy Genius vs Claude
18.00  Ronan Boyle
18.40  We Walk In Straight Lines
19.20  Police Squad
20.00  Fonetiks

Times may still be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances occur, such as technical issues. Sorry about any inconvenience caused (it’s a complicated puzzle 😉

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