LMA’s LLTV talk to Billy Butler

LMA's LLTV talk to Billy Butler

Liverpool Live TV talk to Billy Butler. Billy Butler — BBC Radio Merseyside Weekday Presenter Multi-award winning broadcaster and former Echo columnist. Billy Butler, has spent over 40 years in show business. Billy has spent nearly 30 years in local and national radio and has become one of the country's most popular and entertaining presenters. Billy's current afternoon show on BBC Radio Merseyside includes music from across the board, featuring not just well known artists but local talent too. During a very successful TV career, he presented several hit TV shows including BBC1′s trivia programme 'FAX' and the magazine programme 'What the Butler Sees'.A former dockworker-turned pop star with the 60s band The Tuxedos, he became a Cavern DJ; he was a friend of the Beatles — and every other Merseysbeat band. He is a UK TV star and radio legend thanks to his best-selling video 'Hold Your Plums'. Billy's work for the BBC, whether on national television or BBC Radio Merseyside and on commercial rival Radio City has made him a household name.

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