NEWS: A Festival for the Freakscene comes to Liverpool


WRONG is a one day happening on the 22nd of April 2017 in the new creative hub of the Liverpool Docklands. It aims to bring together merchants of all varieties of weird and filthy rock music to create something special.

Liverpool isn’t always known for it’s heavier underground rock scene, but WRONG intends to tie together an extremely talented if sometimes overlooked pool of great, visceral and exciting bands, as well as bringing in high profile bands who are leaders and legends of the Freakscene.

The event takes place across three venues, the Kazimier team’s much lauded Invisible Wind Factory, new hotspot the North Shore Troubadour, and DIY stalwarts Drop the Dumbulls. It will play host to 30 bands across the venues from the afternoon until late at night, and continuing the party into the small hours. Organised by Liverpool based record label Loner Noise, the bill contains a wealth of incredible bands at every level.

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First 6 acts announced:

The Wytches – Brighton’s finest surf-doom outfit return with their second album, bringing a combination of heavy comedown psychedelia and bilious and brilliant baroque ‘n’ roll.

Heck – One of the most dangerous live bands in the world right now, often literally. Citing their own genre as “General Extreme Noise”, they’re bound to inject some righteous fury into proceedings.

Part Chimp – Legendary underground heroes who’ve spent their career finding nuance and depth in filthy, pummelling rock, with guitar tones so rapturous they sound as if they might tear space-time apart.

The Cosmic Dead – Glasgow’s foremost psychonauts bring space rock into the modern era. Whilst the textures and sonic experimentation are key to their sound, driving rhythms keep it all together, pushing forwards to the horizon. 

Blacklisters – Lynchpins in the noise rock scene, and hands down one of the filthiest bands in the country. They’ve built their ferocious reputation on confrontational performances riddled with dark humour.

Elevant – The thunderous genre absorbers heading our Loner Noise label. They fuse a host of disparate influences into a sound that can be dark and atmospheric, heavy and crushing, or irresistibly grooving.

More TBA.





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