NEWS: Liverpool YouTube Star Releases Debut Horror Novella


A Merseyside business owner and YouTube star will launch her debut novella this week, the first in a collection of new titles celebrating female writers in the horror genre.

Lucy Myatt, founder of Liverpool-based comic label and emporium Level Up Comics, located in the popular alternative hub of Liverpool City Centre, Grand Central Arcade, has teamed with Uncle Frank Publications to make the book a reality.

“Peekaboo” is a chilling tale exploring one girl’s perceived irrational fear of clowns, a recent media motif and an unease that many people can relate to. Over 100 copies of the book have been pre-ordered already.


Myatt’s obsession with the horror genre stems from an early age, watching scary movies with her father: a love which has fuelled her passion for writing and literature. Currently Myatt uses her expertise in cult fiction to review graphic novels through her YouTube channel TorAthena which boasts over 3,000 subscribers, so authoring her own written work is a natural progression for her.

Myatt explains: “The story revolves around a circus that has a sinister urban legend to it that there’s this ghost clown that follows them round with murderous tendencies and everyone writes this off as…this rumour, except for Jess who is 27 and she is convinced it is not a legend because she witnessed it first hand as a child. Now the circus is back in town and she knows that the clown is back for her.”

Reversing the usual trend in publishing, the writing was in fact based on the front cover image of “Peekaboo”, designed by illustrator and designer Ilan Sheady, whose illustrations are currently featured on a range of covers including, most notably, Stephen Baxter’s “Project Clio.” Myatt extends credit to Sheady for his co-authorship in creating the appearance of the character for whom she has developed a world.

“Peekaboo” launches on Friday 9th December, 6pm at Vinea on Liverpool’s Albert Dock. The event will include a reading, Q&A, signings, entertainment and prizes.

To pre-order your copy and take advantage of the introductory price of £7.99 (RRP £9.99), Visit

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