NEWS: Africa Oyé Introduces Merki Waters At Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2016

merki waters
Merki Waters Liverpool-based rapper and singer Merki Waters will perform at this year’s Liverpool Mental Health Festival as part of a partnership with Africa Oyé this October.

Merki’s performance will come on the 8th of October in Williamson Square, accompanied by other highlights such as the community choir Mad For It, in celebration and support of mental health in Liverpool. This year’s festival will span over two weeks from the 1st to 16th of October, with a range of music, entertainment, performance and information, while the event on the 8th will mark a joyous, FREE-for-all festive highlight.

Ahead of its flagship Sefton Park festival earlier this year, Africa Oyé announced a partnership with Liverpool’s Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) Mental Health Strategy Group – part of Liverpool Mental Health Consortium.

The BAMER Group’s aim is to make sure that everyone who’s experiencing anxiety, stress, depression – or other forms of mental distress – can get access to the advice, information, support or advocacy they need, quickly and effectively, whilst having their cultural needs met.

Now as a result of this partnership, Merki Waters – who played Africa Oyé as part of the inaugural ‘Oye Introduces’ programme in 2015 – will play a free concert in Liverpool’s Williamson Square during the two-week long Liverpool Mental Health Festival.

26-year-old Singer/Rapper, Songwriter and Producer Merki Waters is one of the UK’s outstanding up and coming artists. He is also a founder of the Lab Music Foundation CIC which has been providing services to meet some of the needs of underprivileged local acts in Liverpool in the form of music workshops, performance training, audio/video recording and showcase events.

At last June’s Africa Oyé festival in Sefton Park, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium (LMHC) had an effective awareness-raising presence and this upcoming performance by Merki Waters is the next step in what Andrew Lynch, Chair of Liverpool BAMER Mental Health Strategy Group, believes to be a timely and important partnership.

“For LMHC, the partnership with Oyé provides opportunities to reach BAMER communities (often easy to ignore) in a positive environment.” Lynch said. “We like to reach our audience in creative ways and we believe in the power of supporting each other and having fun together.”

This year’s Liverpool Mental Health Festival will be happening over an outstanding two weeks from 1st-16th October 2016, while Merki’s performance will take place on the 8th of October at Williamson Square at 4pm. Entry is FREE for all.

For further information on the BAMER group visit or call 0151 237 2688.

Africa Oye: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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