LMHF2016 – Art Exhibition

Creative outlets are promoted by many Mental Health charities to help those dealing with difficult situations to express themselves or as just a distraction from the illness and to aid recovery. The Liverpool Mental Health Consortium have gone one step further. An Art Exhibition was created to offer those who use their mental health to express themselves through art an chance to share their creations with a wider audience and hopefully spark some discussion about Mental Health.
The Art Exhibition was held in two locations: Unit 51 and Constellations, both situated in the Baltic Triangle area. As you can see from the video, there were a varied arrray of art works on offer from pottery to paintings. We also spoke with local art legends and Patrons of the Art Exhibition – The Singh Twins. Who explain why art is so important for self expression, especially for those with mental health conditions.

Exhibition Curated by
Jazamin Sinclair on behalf of Liverpool Mental Health Consortium.

Filmed by
Ben Orrell-Jones
Dario Guarini
Charlie Rafferty

Edited by
Jamie McAleny

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