NEWS: Stars of Upcoming Independent Movie ‘BLACKOUT’ Interviewed by LLTV

Renowned Short Film maker and documentarian Douglas Byrne presents his latest project, Kickstarter funded Crime-Drama Blackout, filmed in Liverpool, starring a binary and non-binary cast and prominently featuring Liverpool’s beloved LGBT community.

Director and producer Douglas Byrne along with stars Jonny Hirst and Julian Feria dropped in to talk about their exciting new project Blackout released through Byrne’s own film company, TVPlusFilms.

Blackout will take you on a journey with ex-Army Officer turned Private Detective John Rush as he battles through the gritty streets of Liverpool in search of a young missing girl embroiled in clubland’s seedy under-belly.

Utilising a multifaceted and dynamic team of individuals of various backgrounds from the North-West, it has allowed people a chance to take control of a media project where other companies have only offered rejection letters. A true love-letter to the community by way of production and content, TVPlusFilms have presented a real movie – straight from your streets and your city – of beauty and hopelessness that will speak to you, thrill you and ultimately entertain you.

Hear more about the project and keep up to date with TVPlusFilms here, and here.

Words by Neal Oade

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