Liverpool Live TV and the Pirates of The Albert Dock : On Mersey Tides

Liverpool Live TVs Ben Osu went along to the Albert Dock recently to meet up with Blackbeard, Ann Bonny and Frenchy Hawkins famous Privateers and Pirates. Ben was taught some Pirating ways, learning to load and fire a cannon, learning how to sword fight and climb the rigging of ZEBU their ship.
Albert Dock will once again find itself besieged by Pirates and Privateers as Albert Dock Pirate Festival 2012 sets sail on 9-10 June between noon and 5pm.

Watch the action unfold from the quayside as Privateer Ships ZEBU and RUTH do battle with Pirate Ship VILMA, with dramatic sailing action in the Dock. Armed with cannons watch as they act out the tale of the Kings Navy Pirate Hunters in a live action battle under sail in Albert Dock. Cannon fire and dramatic combat scenarios will create a real spectacle this summer, as the Pirate Brethren bring their breathtaking Pirate Battle Show.

Notorious, historical pirates such as Blackbeard, Ann Bonny, ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham, Edward England and Barbarossa come to life as they are led into battle by Privateers ‘Frenchy’ Hawkins, Fortunatus Wright and William Hutchinson with live-action sward battles with Zombie Pirate Crew, cannon fire and high drama guaranteed.

Join the Pirate army and bring all of the family down to Albert Dock in full pirate costume and you can learn about the history of Pirates, even see Sword Fighting by the best in the Pirate Brethren, but if you don’t have any pirate accessories, Nauticalia and With Love from Liverpool is packed to the rafters with everything a budding pirate could need, from eye patches, to swash buckling swards and Jolly Rogers, we will make a pirate out of you yet.

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