The Red Sofa Sessions #81 – Ruby Sky

The Red Sofa Sessions are back! We’ve been away for a while but now it’s time for our fourth series of Red Sofa Sessions and as usual we have the very best emerging artists from around the region. This series is sponsored by our new supporters and partners: Fly on the Wall Records. Look out for a blog post about that very soon. But for now sit back and enjoy Red Sofa Session #81 Ruby Sky.

Ruby SkyEmma Buckley AKA Ruby Sky rolled in for a quick session. A busy schedule, Ruby Sky. She’s been working and grafting up and down the music scene, gigging all over town and recording sessions here and there singing her beautifully heartfelt numbers on love and loss and what could be and what isn’t.

A real sense of home-made craftsmanship about her songs, and with an intensly cool look to boot, it is no wonder that Ruby Sky is an artist in such demand at the moment. ‘Don’t Tell Me’ was a beautifully simple song with Ruby Sky’s trademark full sound, a folky easy strum tended to by ambitiously complex vocals singing well written phrases and clever turns.Ruby Sky 2

Fear not, music fans, you will see Ruby Sky soon at a venue near you, and we’ll probably see you there. One to watch.
Words by Neal Oade.


Camera Operators
Amy Llewellyn
Zoë Hyland
Lewis Stokes

Sound recording and editing by
Ant Foster

Edited by
Amy Llewellyn

Production Team
Neal Oade
Alex Whelligan
Ben Orrell-Jones
Jane McClure FOTW_blackAD

Directed by
Jamie McAleny

Stills Photography by
Jim Moody

Series Sponsors
Fly on the Wall Records

Filmed in
The Lantern Theatre

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