The Red Sofa Sessions #82 – Sensorites

Liverpool Live TV’s fourth series of Red Sofa Sessions, sponsored by Fly on the Wall Records continues it’s work to support emerging artists from the region. This week it’s epsiode #82 from Sensorites.

Sensorites 1Ecclectic Bolton duo, Sensorites dropped in for another session with us, offering tributes of cloth and music like a comanche tribe at a Thanksgiving dinner.
Fortunately instead of pan-pipes, Sensorites set themselves up on an acoustic bass and guitar. The immensley talented pair shipped us back through the annal’s of Sensorites rich 5 year history to a very poignant rendition of their first ever single, ‘Space Men’.
Sensorites 2As they’ve proved in previous #theLoft session, they are as adept at tugging heart strings as they are at tickling funny bones. ‘Space Men’ is a sort of post-apocalyptic swan song to a society filled with social imbalance. Tackling the bigger issues in Britain right now, the song, though tender, goes straight for the throat. An honestly penned chronicling of a struggle to turn away from the double-standards of a 21st Century progressive society still involved in a brutal holy war. Futuristic but earthy, The Sensorites have penned some memorable hits in their time and ‘Space Men’ is another winner. Their last single was the excellent ‘Roll the Dice’ last September, which they played for us in the #theLoft Session. Strength to strength, The Sensorites. Bolton’s finest.
Words by Neal Oade


Camera Operators
Amy Llewellyn
Zoë Hyland
Lewis Stokes

Sound recording and editing by
Ant Foster

Edited by
Amy Llewellyn

Production Team
Neal Oade
Alex Whelligan
Ben Orrell-Jones
Jane McClure FOTW_blackAD

Directed by
Jamie McAleny

Stills Photography by
Jim Moody

Series Sponsors
Fly on the Wall Records

Filmed in
The Lantern Theatre

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