The Red Sofa Sessions #83 – Rob Clarke

Liverpool Live TV’s fourth series of Red Sofa Sessions, sponsored by Fly on the Wall Records continues it’s work to support emerging artists from the region. This week it’s epsiode #83 from Rob Clarke.

Rob Clarke 1Rob Clarke currently doing the rounds promoting Another Wooltones Xmas Record (Listen to it here) paid us a visit earlier in the year in a bluesy mood to perform his track “Blue over you” for episode #83 of The Red Sofa Sessions. Find out all there is to know about Rob Clarke over on his very own wiki page.

Rob Clarke 2




Camera Operators
Amy Llewellyn
Zoë Hyland
Lewis Stokes

Sound recording and editing by
Ant Foster

Edited by
Amy Llewellyn

Production Team
Neal Oade
Alex Whelligan
Ben Orrell-Jones
Jane McClure FOTW_blackAD

Directed by
Jamie McAleny

Stills Photography by
Jim Moody

Series Sponsors
Fly on the Wall Records

Filmed in
The Lantern Theatre

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