The last ever #theLoft exclusive!!!

Liverpool Live TV have recently moved offices. We are no longer with the hipsters in the Baltic Triangle, we’ve moved into the city centre where there seems to be a lot of ties. To celebrate our move we saved our favourite #theLoft exclusive until now. CAUTION: Bad Language

All the way from Cali-California came a big slice of vaudevillian lunacy in the form of Chanel Samson with her song ‘F@#k you Matthew’.

A recent LIPA grad – the sunny, chipper Chanel treated us to a rare solo performance, in contrast to her lavish live shows, complete with full brass section, backing singers and burlesque dancers.

Chanel, a woman of great vision, has already left such an individual stamp on the music scene here – from her own Secret Circus nights in Studio 2 to her kissing campaign online, Chanel is a girl of many talents and endless initiative.

Her song ‘F@#k You Matthew’ is so full of vitriol, Taylor Swift said ‘daaaaammmmnnn’. However, it is refreshingly sarcastic and light. The song sways and diverts on it’s course to it’s anarchic finale. Goddamn it Matthew, you should have called her.

An addicting personality and an addictive sound, the prolific Chanel recently celebrated her Secret Circus’ first year in operation! And what year it’s been for Chanel, now raising the profile of Chanel & the Circus and her extravagant live nights down in London. Well done Chanel.

Do you know a Matthew who’s wronged you in any way? Please feel free to share this personal video message to bad Matthews up and down the country!

Her EP ‘In the Beginning’ is availiable now on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Words by Neal Oade

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