#theLoft Exclusive: STEED

Liverpool Live TV had a very special bunch of guys call into see us recently. It was STEED all the way from Amsterdam! STEED were in town to perform at The Sound City Conference. STEED perform an acoustic version of their track “Last Forever” exclusively for us in the #theLoft.

Here is what our volunter Neal Oade wrote about their visit –
“STEED strutted in all smiles and all charm, uniformly dressed in sharp blazers and bright white winkle-pickers. They looked like the most serious band to set foot in Liverpool since our own four lads returned from their stint in Hamburg. These four lads definitely had the talent to back their look up, but of course being signed to Rough Trade records always promises a certain pedigree in a band.

As soon as we heard their playful and sweet vocal harmonies and intelligently written, witty lyrics, we at Liverpool Live TV knew their sound had found it’s home. To break down the sound of their song ‘Last Forever’ is difficult, it’s a Merseybeat-style wall of sound with a very European approach to Pop Music: a sophisticated seriousness attached to producing light but fascinating Baroque Pop.

The four Dutch men, Alex Pasveer, Herman Halfmouw, Mischa van Toor and Aris Rem gelled together as a musical unit with the efficiency and purpose of Julius Caesar’s army, firing out free CDs instead of arrows. Continuing their tour of the UK, Steed came, they saw and they well and truly conquered Liverpool. And their album (which they gave me for free) Tomorrow is Never Ending is absolutely superb.”

Listen to more from STEED

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