#theLoft Exclusive: The Cheap Thrills

Local lads The Cheap Thrills called into the #theLoft recently to perform a version of their new track “Rusty” exclusively for Liverpool Live TV.

Here’s what our volunteer Neal Oade thought about their visit –
“The Cheap Thrills grandiose return to our studios was heralded by an internal dispute in LLTV. We had been talking shop with them when we were informed that we needed to accommodate a midi keyboard. The dispute came from a mishearing – had he said MIDI keyboard, or MINI keyboard? Well, when bassist Fitzy turned up with a mini midi-keyboard, minds were well and truly blown, and The Cheap Thrills hadn’t even started playing yet.

The down-to-earth four-piece shuffled about with tech and instruments, finding their positions with a natural and peppy uncertainty which was refreshing, no false swagger, no airs and graces, no sense of entitlement. They kicked in suddenly and flawlessly to their new single ‘Rusty’ (available July 13th –ish), a sneering and ferocious sound, satisfyingly complete with psychedelic waves of synth over surf rock fuzz guitar from Terry Eaves and clean, mesmerising vocals from Lewis Pike. In contrast to the four unassuming friends that had entered, these four were men on a mission as soon as they began the first note.

‘Rusty’ is an apt title, The Cheap Thrills have dug up the long dead corpse of Post-punk and forced it to march, La Princesse style, through Liverpool’s streets to the beat of Anton Eager’s drums. Decadent and exciting, The Cheap Thrills are soon to be very influential within the Liverpool music scene.”

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