#theLoft Exclusive: The Cyborgs

Liverpool Live TV had some strange guests call in to #theLoft. Visitors from the future, in the present to keep the past alive! Their brand of Elektrock blues will stay with you for a while. Here are The Cyborgs performing an exclusive version of “Cut you Loose” from their new record “Bios”. 

Filmed by Kate Robinson and Jamie McAleny
Sound By Ant Foster
Edited and Directed By Jamie McAleny

THE CYBORGS are an elektrock boogie duo named “Zero” and “One”. They have their own dirty blues elektro and they also play some traditional songs from the early years of delta blues. Their musical style and appearance is certainly unique, especially as the band play wearing a black welder masks. The mysterious duo come from 2110 where there’s no more blues and the world is almost over (no sun light, no music, no dreams..). They came back from century to century to try to find information to keep the blues alive, and in their songs they sing about their world, and how much it’s wasted. People say that they wear masks because they don’t know the sun light and they never seen the stars and the sky…

Cyborg-0 sings and plays guitar with his never stopping chunky chunk thumb of his right hand

Cyborg-1 plays keyboard bass with his left hand, and drums with the other parts of his freaky body

Listen to more from the The Cyborgs

Described as the Daft Punk of Blues Rock, these guys are certainly different. If you missed The Cyborgs at their Kazimier gig, here is some LIVE footage from January.

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