ALL THESE THINGS 29.04.14: Super Duper Alice Cooper | Amnesia | Liverpool Sound City

This week our culture correspondent Nicola Denton reviews rock-umentary ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’, gets spooked with popular horror game ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ and gives us her tips on who to see at this year’s Sound City festival…

On Tuesday (22nd April) I went to see ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’ at FACT, a rock-umentary about the king of shock rock Alice Cooper. Alice was one of the many rock artists I grew up listening to thanks to my parents so I was excited to see this. The film has already received praise at the Tribeca film festival and I can see why. The 3D style effects tell Alice’s story like a twisted pop up book, especially one scene were blood pours from his eyes (similar to his infamous make up). It is narrated by the man himself and driven by the soundtrack of his career, from his early days in The Earwigs to the shock rock we know today. It also includes narration from friends such as Dee Snider, Iggy Pop and even Elton John. All in all a very interesting and well produced film.


I decided to put my nerves to the test and play ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ with the curtains drawn and the volume turned up. What a fool. ‘Amnesia’ is a first person horror game released in August 2010 for PC and you can download a copy for around £12 HERE. I discovered this game from watching PewDiePie’s hilarious videos on YouTube. Playing as Daniel you explore a dark foreboding house filled with monsters and puzzles…sounds simple enough but this game is terrifying! You have to hide from the monsters rather than defeat them but they can find you at any moment. It is a very atmospheric game (almost too much so!) with great use of sound effects that keep you on edge throughout. The story is often overshadowed by the gameplay but it is still very good. Watch the trailer here…if you dare…


It’s coming up to Liverpool’s biggest music festival of the year, Sound City. From 1st – 3rd May acts such as The Kooks, Clean Bandit, Jon Hopkins and Royal Blood will be performing at various venues across the city but my tip is Wolf Alice. I was attracted to the North London four piece because of their name and discovered they are actually a great band! From gnarly punk songs like ‘She’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, to lighter indie tracks such as ‘Bros’, to emotional ballads like ‘Blush’ there is nothing they don’t cover. Their sound is reminiscent of 90s British rock bands such as Garbage, The Cardigans and The Cranberries, striking music led by harmonious vocals (here from Ellie Roswell). Catch Wolf Alice at East Village Arts Club on Friday 2 May at 10:15pm. Their new EP ‘Creature Songs’ out on 26th May 2014.


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